Way2pocket pvt.ltd is a registered non government company entrusted with the goal of simplifying investment options for our clients.t.

In today’s time, we have so many non-negotiable goals to be achieved. For ex- it could be children’s education, marriage,no deposit slots Home, EMIs, health and so on.. But Escalating prices of goods & unforseen circumstances can stop us from fulfilling our dreams and desires. So, to tackle such scenarios in life, Financial Planning is a necessity.
Though financial planning makes our future resilient, yet making wrong choices can also lead to unwarranted financial losses. So, having an efficient & reliable Financial Advisor is a pre-requisite.
Hence, Way2Pocket Pvt.Ltd serves this very purpose. It’s your financial clinic where you can freely walk with any of your financial ailments and find relief. With our years of financial expertise in portfolio & asset management, we help you to make proper & planned investments. When it comes to Investment, we realise that ‘one size doesn’t fits all’ , so we make investor-specific assessments and portfolio-management. We have a well-experienced team that takes in account all your criterias such as- Profile of Client(based on their earnings & their financial dependents), Age factor(based on estimated life term and responsibilities on shoulder to be fulfilled during that period), Goals(long term or short term) and so on to make calculated evaluations. Only after that, we resort to our role of financial advising. Our service caters to all sections of investors with our diversified basket of investment options. With this, we make sure that your money finds way to your pocket, instead of just flowing out from it.
Our role is not just limited to making your finances more convenient and simple. We also make sure that your fortune is well-managed even after you leave. Hence, we are also engaged in Estate Planning(will making). So, It is a kind of full-package you can rely upon- Financial security through efficient Financial Planning & Asset Management through a well thought Estate Planning. This ensures that your fortune doesn’t creates a mess for your inheritors.
Way2Pocket adheres to best practices and standards in finance management & inculcates business ethics in all its functioning. It’s your financial clinic that has aid to all your problems, helps make you smart choices and thereby insulate your pocket from any financial distress and adversaries.

So walk in to Way2Pocket to get a real-time experience of Financial&Estate Management.

Meet Our Director

Mr. Deepak Panda is the Director of Way2Pocket Pvt.Ltd. He holds an MBA degree in Finance specialization from Mumbai.
He is currently pursuing CFP (Certified Finance Planning) under the Finance Planning Standard Board(FPSB), hence adding another dimension to his enormous experiences in the field of Finance Planning. He had previously worked as an Asst.Manager at ICICI Securities and also at SMC Global Securities. He is also a designated Stock Market Trainer and renders his efficacious services to this field. Adding to his 8years+ of experience in Finance Planning & Management, he is credited with managing the portfolios of more than hundreds of clients across the country. Following his passion of imparting knowledge, he’s also engaged as the most renowned guest faculty in various MBA colleges. Mr.Panda adheres to Corporate social responsibility and currently also serves as the Joint Secretary of Rotary Club of Bhubaneswar.

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